No Matter, If you are a High end Denim Brand or a Hyper store, We have quality product for every sector, all ages and Genders. We make every Piece with Love and Care, to give you a personalised feeling of affection with your outfit.


Look at the pattern , and the even merging of whiskers with the scraping, this is the real art which every body don’t know. The fabric hand feel and colour evenness can only be made by one who loves the denim like us.   

Ripped & Straight

Some time it’s good to get Ripped, and uncover the secrets that no one knows about you. We know the wild side of you and gives you the best outfit that gives a complete look a women always desire. 

Hot Pant

Let’s get little spicy with our hot pants that gives you an eye catching look. Distress effect and a random paint brush highly complement with fringes.    

Men's Boot cut

Man is not complete without Authentic jeans. We complete you from outside and don’t care what you are from the inside. 


Boyfriend Jeans is always a surprise, especially when it comes with the Permanent whiskers,  scattered distress, dirty over dyed with a turnover bottom. Don’t want to say more, just feel the toughness