CEO Message

Kashif Khan

Life is all about ethics. If someone is ethically strong then he wins every challenge of life. Trust is the key of success. My priority is to build a trust worthy business relation with my customers as well as with Manufacturers. 

As a CEO of Marlayz Brüder, I feel a very high responsibility on my shoulders in-terms of our commitments with customers, who nominated us as their Ambassadors in Pakistan. This feeling keeps me and my team devoted and dedicated, which ultimately results a high-quality product and strengthen our relation with customers as well as with suppliers. 

I welcome all the customers around the globe, who are looking for an ethical Partner. No matter if you are already working in Pakistan directly or indirectly with any Manufacturer or Buying Agent, or planning to work for the first time. You will find us above the edge.

I give you my word, Marlayz Brüder will never let you down. 

Sincerely Yours,

Kashif Khan

CEO- Marlayz Brüder